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Blue Skies to Forever
This exciting,fun,crazy and sometimes scary adventure called life.
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18th-Aug-2011 03:03 am - Friends Only
This journal is friends only but please feel free to add me and I will add you in return!

Banner and header by tenshi_kasumi Many thanks!!
Ayane with adorable hat
18th-Jan-2011 02:52 am - Friends Only
This has been coming for awhile although I have been trying to put it off. I have decided to make my journal mainly Friends Only. I may occasionally make an entry with icons or writing that is open. I do however love to make new friends so if you would like to add me to your friends list please feel free and I will add you back. :)
Ayane with adorable hat
17th-Jan-2011 03:37 am - A journal question
If anyone knows of a good site or journal where I can find banners for journal please let me know I would really appreciate it!
14th-Jan-2011 01:34 am - Writer's Block: Nom nom nom
What's your favorite snack for a rainy afternoon?

I love popcorn or chocolate covered pretzels. :D
Kitty hug
12th-Jan-2011 02:06 am - Writer's Block: The world at large
If you could spend one summer anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

There are so many places! I would love to go to England or Japan. I love so many things from both of those places and I find the culture interesting. I would also love to see Ireland. It's so beautiful the pictures of it hardly look real.
Ayane with adorable hat
11th-Jan-2011 03:27 am - Staff meeting update
Staff meeting at Sunday went alright. I don't think much progress was made but that remains to be seen. I just thought I would let everyone know what although it didn't seem very productive it did go alright. People did get into the blaming thing but it didn't last long but I think a lot of people weren't even listening. We did talk about some interesting changes and such. Like I said though it all remains to be seen. I'm just glad it went alright.
Ayane with adorable hat
10th-Jan-2011 02:45 am - Writer's Block: Rise and shine
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

I pray/read some then I exercise. After that it's get ready for work and see Jared for awhile before he leaves for work. Then I am off to work in the afternoon. That's how it goes most days in the early part of the day anyways. After work it's always different.
Ayane with adorable hat
I am so not looking forward to the staff meeting tomorrow. I don't mind when we have them I don't normally complain but something tells me that this one might get nasty with some of the buzz I have heard. I know it won't be about me because my boss has said as much but still I am not looking forward to it. Just because you aren't part of whats wrong doesn't mean you won't get drug into the mess of it all at the meeting. I'm just not looking forward to what may very well turn into a bunch of catty women passing the blame. Don't get me wrong not everyone I work with is catty or a trouble maker who doesn't do their job but there are a few who make it hard for the rest. I know sad that people who teach kids could act so much like... kids. Well some of them anyways.

In short Sunday is going to be a long day indeed.
Ayane with adorable hat
6th-Jan-2011 03:02 am - Happy Birthday Jared
Today is Jared's Birthday so I have a busy one ahead with some planning to do. I have to get him his present and take him to dinner. I have to work also so it's going to be a busy day. Yesterday was a pretty busy day too. I had an unexpected day off and spent it catching up on some things around the house. Then I made six dozen cookies and potato soup with rolls. I spent sometime talking to my Mother in Law also. It was a nice day but I do miss my job when I don't work odd as that might seem to some people. I will be getting a small raise soon as well!

I can't help but think of how blessed I have been since Jared came in to my life way back when I was in the ninth grade. We had been together twelve years now and married for five. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I look forward to everything this year brings I know we can handle it all so long as we are together.

Jared doesn't even read my journal so I guess it is odd I wrote a birthday post here. I don't know I just felt that I wanted to. I will give more details on the day later. I hope everyone is having a great new year so far!
Ayane with adorable hat
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